Where are the dragons?
Usually draped over the computers, or flying past, knocking over my tea with their tail.

Oh, you mean where can you SEE dragons???
Well, that's hard to say. They ARE endangered, so they tend to skulk about. Here are some of their favorite gathering places. Shhhhh...quiet now. Take nothing but pictures, [not the copyrighted ones, tho] and leave nothing but footprints...err...bandwidth?...


"Welcome to AltFanDragons.org, the international Dragon directory! Browse our directory for everything and anything to do with Dragons. Art, Clipart, Events, Reference, RPG, Shops...it's all here."

Many, many, many, paths [did I mention there are many?] to allkinda dragonical [drakonical?] places. And if you go to the AFD newsgroup [alt.fan.dragons]you can actually talk with dragons...and have food fights, too!

Here is a welcome to AFD from a dragon greeter, Ebony, and a friend. Turn your volume down before listening, Yarking dragons are loud...

"YARK! and forsooth..." [.wav file]

Here be dragons!
"Here be dragons" This is one of the favorite migration paths for many different species of dragons. All kinds of beautiful dragons to see here. Caution if you are on a slow connection, this is a very graphic intensive site--long download times.

"Here be dragons" is a very old site; prehistoric in internet time. Because of high traffic to the site and cost of bandwidth, there are ads to offset the dragonkeeper's costs. Follow the links on the left side of the page to find all of the dragon research, and be sure to scroll down past the ads on each of the pages to get to the dragon content.

Dee's Art GalleryDee's Art Gallery

Dee has sketched many dragons she has seen in the wilds. I think she studied under Audubon, she does great work!

Go to the sCrapheap for drawings of dragons and other things--you never know what you might find here. Go to the Drawing tutorials for how to draw dragons.


Adopt A Dragon FoundationAdopt a Dragon Foundation Proudly finding dragons a home since May 6th 1997! Our foundation searches the world for dragons who are forced to live in nasty conditions. We bring them in and find them homes with people who will appreciate them for the wonderful creatures they really are.

Persecuted down through the ages dragons are rarely seen these days. Forced to hide in damp smelly caves, Ice covered mountain tops, dingy rock outcroppings or any other out of the way place. Dragons are fast becoming extinct.


Save the dragons campaignsSave The Dragons!
Save the Dragons campaigns are among some of the oldest sites on the web. Many are no longer working. This is a link to a page that lists the current campaigns as well as some of the oldest ones. dragonPages was one of the first members of the original 'Save the Dragons' campaign run by Xine's Tree. The graphic is the original one from her site. Join one of the current campaigns, or adopt a dragon from one of the other sites listed above.

Although Xine's campaign is no longer active, here is some text from her original site:
"We're cute, [well, some of us are] we're loveable; we're ENDANGERED... When's the last time you saw a dragon out and about in public??? Doesn't anyone love dragons? Who will stand up for us? Will we ever have the rights that humans take for granted?"
"Western dragons are now an endangered species. The Save the Dragons Campaign demands that these dragons be protected and embraced, as their Eastern cousins are. Join the Campaign! With enough voices in the Campaign, we can make a difference! Dragons everywhere will be free!...Link to the SAVE THE DRAGONS campaign NOW!!!"


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