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Look honey, we created a FAQ!!!

Who [or what] is dragonPages?
How long have you been doing this?
What kind of business is this?
What services do you offer?
What parts DON'T you do?
Our philosophy
Education and the web
Miscellaneous stuff

Who [or what] is dragonPages? We are retired educators who are addicted to writing html code and designing web pages. We live in the 'wilds' of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, and design sites locally as well as 'below the bridge' in Michigan and the Midwest. There also seem to be a few large, scaly critters scattered about. They like to sleep on the computers [warm, I guess] and "guard them". They mutter something about "my treasure", but seem to be fairly friendly.

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How long have you been doing this? Ever since the web was invented [not by Al Gore, but he DID help a little in the early years of the internet]. We have been using the internet since before the very first graphical browser was invented. When we found out you could see pictures too, we thought it was GREAT!!! And then we learned how to MAKE the pages, --WOOHOO-- and we were HOOKED!!

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What kind of business is this? WE WORK CHEAP!!! Why? Because we believe in the K.I.S.S. principle [keep it simple, stupid]. Because we are retired and just want to have fun. Because we think that if WE can write web pages, anyone can. We want to show you how, give you a good start, and then, if you want, you can go it alone. And if you don't want to, or don't have the time to, we will do it for you.

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What services do you offer? The basic stuff. We write pages. That is, we will take an 8 1/2x11" size layout on paper and turn it into a beautiful electronic image online. Well--at least we will make whatever you had in mind show up on the internet. We will put your pictures on the page, or your school banner, or company logo. We will create several pages for you and link them together, [WOW! I think it's a website!] or link them to related information on the web. We will 'upload' your pages, that is, put 'em on a computer connnected to the internet so everyone can see 'em. We will even go back and fix things if you want to add new stuff or change something.

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What parts DON'T you do? We are learning to provide some packaged services such as open source message boards, chat, discussion lists and other features. We do not recommend heavy dependence on Flash or other tools that require a lot of bandwidth. Up here in the 'wilds' we know what it is like to be subjected to dial-up services that are VERY s-l-o-o-o-o-w, and bandwidth intensive sites do not work well on slower connections. We are also learning about backend database features, but the learning curve is very steep for us. If we cannot provide the feature you need, we will tell you and either call in reinforcements or suggest another provider.

We can also provide webhosting and domain registration. Although, there is no bank of blinking computers in the lair...er...office, we CAN provide the proper services, or show you how those free pages work. If you need a commercial server that offers databases and shopping carts and stuff like that, we can explain it all and get you started.

And if you need more sophisticated services than what we can [or want to] provide--we will tell you, and suggest some alternatives.

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Our Philosophy. You dont have to know a lot of high tech stuff to design a good website. A good basic site can be viewed by more average folks than high powered stuff, and is sometimes less confusing.

We also strongly believe that one of the most important things about the web is that is is cross-platform. It doesnt matter what kind of computer your have, or which browser you use, you should be able to go anywhere on the web and communicate with other folks.

Now, we DO have our biases. They will show up if you spend any time with us, and have to do with fruit -- we like apples, and so do the dragons [you figure it out]. But this is just because we think they make our job easier. Just because we dont like to "do windows", doesnt mean we cant. We do "windows" and "dos", too. We also are developing an interest in penguins, but dont tell the dragons! We support open source applications, and work on a Debian Linux host. And this is about as obscure and high-tech as we will get.

Mostly, we talk English, and it shouldnt matter what computer or software you use, we can talk to them too.

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Education and the Web. We think the web could be one of the greatest things since sliced bread. But, it's just like anything else -- tools can be wonderful, but it's what you do with a tool that makes the difference.

We think that in a few years communication on the web will be commonplace and everyone will learn how to write web pages in elementary school. [Remember when wordprocessing on the computer was mysterious and complicated?????] Some elementary kids already produce incredible web sites. Schools need to be involved in this stuff up to their armpits. The kids love it, and the potential for teaching with it is phenomenal. Teachers need to get friendly with creating websites. It isn't that hard. And that's what we would like to help with.

So get us now, before we get really good at this, and we get so expensive we can't afford our own services. And if you like dragons, you might get to pet one. Cant promise, tho...

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Where do you keep these dragons?
    Up in the wilds of the true north, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Are there any real people connected with this business?
    Yep, but we just aren't sure that we want a full time 'business' exactly. We do this because it is fun. We just want to be able to afford new toys from time to time.
What do I do if I am interested in web pages?
    Go to Contact Us and fill out the form, that'll get things started.
Can I see a dragon?
    Can't promise for sure. They are very skittery, but you can catch some pretty good sights of them in certain places on the web. Follow the Dragons...maybe link and maybe you will catch a glimpse.