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Custom website design ...for the 'little guy'

We specialize in making 'technical' stuff understandable to the business owner or organization who doesn't have time or inclination to become a 'computer geek'. We can quote a price that includes 'doing everything', or tell you the cheapest [or even free] way to do it yourself. We can do as much, or as little, as is needed to get you up and running on the web.

In just a few short years the internet has become a basic part of business planning and communications. Both commercial and non-commercial organizations can use a web 'presence' [website] to communicate and provide other capabilities, sometimes more effectively, and economically, than with more traditional methods.

Small businesses can use a web presence to make contact and publicize their business. School districts can create informational sites for their community. Teachers can do collaborative projects and publish on the web. Organizations can stay in touch with members and link them to professional contacts, news, etc. Hobbyists can provide information and link to others who share their interests. All of this can be done inexpensively and fairly easily.

A professionally created website is within the means of even small businesses and organizations. Dragonpages will work with small businesses, educators, or hobbyists to create simple pages economically.

We will take your text and convert it to a clear and effective web page. We will check links for accuracy; insure copyright compliance; provide public domain graphics or scan your own logo, graphics, etc. for use on your page; maintain and revise your site. We will show you how easy it is to link your site to search engines such as Google.

We can also help our customers register your own 'domain' -- your 'address on the web'. We can provide a 'host' computer -- a place to put your website. Or, if you would rather do this yourself, we can show you how to find a low cost commercial host, or a no-cost educational host for qualifing sites.

Business sites, online stores
Use the web to enhance your business

School and district web sites, class projects and collaborative sites
Communicate with the community, students and teachers

Civic, professional organizations, AFT or NEA locals,
Promote your organization, communicate inexpensively with members

Personal pages ... just for fun, hobbies, or personal interest
Connect with others who share your interest


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